Happy New Year

Our website has been fully scanned and verified as safe again so the store has been made available once more.  We have also updated the pictures in a number of the project galleries as well as added a couple of the latest projects going on in the shop.  Small changes will be constantly happening on our official web page, but if you want to really be in the loop, make sure you subscribe to our official Facebook or Twitter feeds (they are the same) and/or find our man Pete on Instagram under PureVisionPete.


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. I’d just like to commend you on the beautiful martini T-5R fastback you’ve created! WOW
    It’s definitely my favourite car, a piece of ART.
    I’m going to build a fastback for my forever car and was wondering if you will produce those same wheels
    For sale?
    If so how much would they cost?


    Kyle from Australia



    1. Kyle, Thank you for the kind words. We all really enjoyed designing and building the T-5R! The wheels were created by Evod Industries based on our design and will not be produced for sale. If you were to have Evod change some aspect of the design so that they were not exact copies, they would probably make a set just for you. Wheel size, design, and construction all play into the cost so depending on your wishes they might be able to create something with the look you desire at a lower cost than our set. The wheels we used were each machined as one solid piece and cost about $4000 each. Going with a two piece welded wheel would instantly save some money both in raw materials and in machine time. You’d have to talk with them to find out what is and isn’t realistic.

      Hope that helps,


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