Top 25

We took our 1967 “Black-Ops” Ford Fairlane to Hot August Nights and were honored to be included as a finalist in the Barrett-Jackson Cup!  Of the thousands of beautiful cars on hand in Reno/Sparks, only about 400 entrants dared register to compete for the second annual Barrett-Jackson cup.  We were selected for the “Top 25” and invited into the auction hall on Saturday where the “Reno 5” were chosen and the winners announced live during the auction!  We did not make it into the “Reno 5” and that’s fine with us.  Just being in the “Top 25” is a huge honor because we’ve never built cars to win car shows, we try to build really cool usable rides that just happen to also win awards.



Hot August Days

With a one-off hand built intake that’s designed for looks instead of performance, there was a lot of work to be done by the crew over at Ed Pink Racing Engines to get our all aluminum Cammer engine dialed in and running smooth.  Unfortunately, work load and show schedules rarely line up and the guys over there have been really patient with us having to pull the engine in and out between shows for them to get it done.  They are finally happy with how its working and gave us the completed engine last Wednesday!  Just in the nick of time for us to thrash through the most humid week of the year thus far so we could send a fully functional 1967 Ford Fairlane up to the Hot August Nights show in Reno.  Steve arrived with the car last night and we’re hoping to be in contention for the Barrett-Jackson Cup.  More news as that unfolds!