These three T-shirts are now up on our web store.  As soon as we have final counts of how many we received, we will make them available for purchase!  Plan is to have that done by end of the day on Friday, January 4th, 2019!!!!!

You can find the store under “The Shop” on our web page, or just follow the link below:



Where’s the merch?

With the launch of our new TV show “Hand Built Hot Rods” many of you have been asking for T-Shirts.  We know we’re late to the party on all fronts, but custom cars just don’t built themselves in a week, you know.  We’ve been playing catch up from day 1 building quickly trying to have enough content to fill out our 6 six episode show.  We literally were filming the season finale while the premiere was airing!  We promise you we’re working on getting T-shirts available for you all ASAP and will make an announcement on social media when they are.

As seen on TV

Sorry for the late update, we’ve been swamped getting everything wrapped up so that our new TV show “Hand Built Hot Rods” would actually finished in time for you to enjoy it……  That said, go check it out on Tuesday nights on Velocity.HBHRe2

If you don’t have Velocity in your TV line up, you can subscribe to Motor Trend on Demand and see it there!  Episodes 1 and 2 follow along with the build of our 1957 Ford del Rio shooting brake.  You can see more on social media by searching #57RanchWagon.

57 Ford Wagon Feature


The 1957 Ford two door Del Rio Ranch Wagon (#57ShootingBrake) that we built for Bob from ARP (arp-bolts.com) and debuted at SEMA 2017 finally has its first magazine feature!  Check out the June 2018 issue of Street Rodder….. its on the cover so you can’t miss it!

Also, now that the magazine is out, we’ll be putting some finished pics of the car up on our website for you to enjoy!

GNRS Builder of the Year!

Pure Vision has been named “Builder of the Year” for the 2017 Grand National Roadster Show.  To celebrate this honor, we are bringing back our 1967 “Black Ops” Fairlane and the 1966 “Martini T-5R” Mustang.  If you missed either of these cars the first time out, or just want to enjoy them again, be sure to make plans now!  The GNRS is in Pamona CA near the end of January.  See you there!

Happy New Year

Our website has been fully scanned and verified as safe again so the store has been made available once more.  We have also updated the pictures in a number of the project galleries as well as added a couple of the latest projects going on in the shop.  Small changes will be constantly happening on our official web page, but if you want to really be in the loop, make sure you subscribe to our official Facebook or Twitter feeds (they are the same) and/or find our man Pete on Instagram under PureVisionPete.